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The Cotswolds Standard & Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

The Challenge

A private estate, managed by one of the UK’s leading Forestry Management firms, executed a large restocking plantation. The section of land had also been hit with widespread ash dieback and an appropriate range of replacement trees were selected. They were well suited to the current site conditions and likely to be seen in the future due to climate change. The site is also heavily browsed, even with numerous fencing options.

The Solution

Over 9000 x 1.5m Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters were planted, along with 1.5m x 32 x 32mm Softwood tree stakes. Also in situ were a few hundred 1.5m Vigilis-Bio tree shelters, now part of Vigilis-Bio UK-wide trial. The shelters will be monitored over the next 5 years with tree health and shelter functionality an integral part of our observations.



Project: Restocking plantation and Ash dieback

Product: 1.5m Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters & 1.5m Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

Location: The Cotswolds

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