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The Importance Of Tree Shelters In Landscaping Projects

Vigilis Tree Shelters offers numerous shrub and tree shelter products to accompany small scale hedgerows to large roadside plantation projects. Our tree shelters are manufactured to protect trees from browsing animals and the tough environments that landscaping developments can create.

Trees are a vital component for aesthetics, erosion control and screening of manmade developments.

Problems & Benefits

Problems & Benefits

Protection from browsing pressures

Tree Shelters provide protection from browsing animals and prevent destruction or damage by herbivores. This can be vital in very cost sensitive projects to minimise tree loss.

External factors

Landscaping projects can create harsh conditions with many determined by preset goals and costs. Quick and successful tree growth and survival are key to reaching the required visual, soil erosion and acoustic targets. Unpredictable weather conditions throughout the planting season can also strongly impact the success of a project, wiping out previous calculations made prior to project creation.



Vigilis Tree Shelters offer a range of protection solutions for landscaping projects.

We manufacture and supply standard, vented and biodegradable tree shelters, shrub shelters and wraps.

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