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Viticulture Vigilis For Your Vines



Similar to a forestry or landscaping setting, young vines require protection after planting.

Vine shelters protect vines from browsing animals, herbicide sprays and offer a microclimate to enhance vine growth. Using vine guards can help reduce overall costs for vineyard owners by providing vine protection until they are well established and producing delicious grapes.

Viticulture is a global and growing industry, particularly in the UK. Vigilis manufacture both tree and vine shelters alongside supplying trellis materials. We offer a range of post designs and specifications which are customisable for different conditions and requirements.

Problems & Benefits

Problems and Benefits

Protection from wildlife

Newly planted grapevines can take up to three years to before producing viable grapes for wine. Vigilis vine guards provide critical protection from Herbivores to minimize damage and maximise growth.

Herbicide treatment

In certain vine settings, herbicide application is paramount to reduce weeds overtaking your vineyard. Bare vines in contact with such sprays can significantly impact the survival rates. Shelters avoid contamination and reduce necessary time on vineyard maintenance.

Survival leads to wine

The end goal is glories grape for the wine press. Extra factors such as strong winds, frost or other extreme weather conditions can all impact the survival rates. As we are providing a microclimate, the guards protect trees from these harsh conditions in their early days to help maximise growth and future earnings.



Vigilis Tree Shelters offers a range of protection solutions to optimise vineyard success. We can also offer the full range of trellis posts, fencing and necessary accessories. Get in touch for a quote or to find out more.

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