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Features of Vigilis & Vigilis-Bio

Standard & Vented: Manufactured from UV-stabilised photodegradable polypropylene

Vigilis-Bio: Manufactured from a special blend of bio-based derivatives (potatoes, wood and corn) and a custom biodegradable polymer

Tree Shelters increase growth by inducing a micro-climate inside of the shelter. This accelerates plant growth and helps to advance the first harvesting

They are pre-fitted with easy-release tree ties

The green colour of the tree shelters allows the correct balance of light wavelengths to be absorbed by the tree – a process called photomorphogenesis

Our tree shelters are UV-stabilised to provide an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years

The twin-wall tube construction of the Vigilis range increases strength

The tree shelter contributes to natural pruning, permitting top-quality timber formation

The biodegradable Vigilis-Bio tree shelters perform on par with traditional polypropylene Vigilis tree shelters

The Future of Sustainable Forestry

The Vigilis-Bio tree shelters have been designed to have all of the benefits of a traditional tree shelter whilst being 100% soil biodegradable. No toxic residues. No microplastics. No collection of tree shelters is required. Save time, money and the planet, one tree shelter at a time.



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