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Introducing: Vigilis-Bio Wraps Perfect For Hedging

Vigilis-Bio Wraps

The Vigilis-Bio Hedge Wrap: A 100% Soil-Biodegradable Solution for Hedge Planting

Introducing the Vigilis-Bio Wrap, made from the same blend as our biodegradable tree shelters.

Proven to protect for 5 years. Biodegrades in a further 2 – 3 years.

100% plastic-free and soil biodegradable.

Vigilis-Bio Wraps are a sustainable alternative to traditional spirals and tubes.

Use Vigilis Wraps when planting hedgerows: they expand with tree growth, allowing the hedge to flourish and don’t require removal as they are fully biodegradable in soil.

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Product Benefits

Why Choose Vigilis-Bio Wraps?

– Vigilis-Bio Wraps can be left to biodegrade in situ – no collection required, saving time and money.

– Wraps allow room for hedges to grow by expanding with the tree – they won’t strangle your hedgerows.

– Twin wall offers optimal growing conditions.

– Wraps prevent your hedging from getting damaged by rabbits, deer, small herbivores and machinery.

– Promote straight, upright growth for a uniform, dense hedge.

– Wraps allow air circulation and moisture penetration.

– Our Vigilis wraps are easier and quicker to install than spirals.

– Wraps are nested in 3’s and come in boxes of 250 wraps.



Vigilis Wraps Sizes

The Vigilis Bio Wrap is available to order in 4 sizes.


Height options:

75cm  |  60cm  |  45cm  |  20cm



40mm – 50mm



Efficient Wrap Design

The Vigilis Wrap design with a vertical slit facilitates quick and easy installation. The wrap will expand as the tree grows. Less chance of the tree girdling than using comparable products.

Biodegrades In Soil Conditions

A solution that foresters have been waiting for – our Vigilis Wraps biodegrade in soil conditions after providing 5 years of protection. Your hedging won’t get strangled by plastic spirals and you won’t be covered in scratches from trying to remove them from hedgerows.

Twin Wall Construction

Maximises the strength-to-weight ratio and improves durability of the wrap. It provides unparalleled protection against browsing animals and machinery.

Nested In 3's

Nested in 3’s for efficient storage and transportation.

Made From Bio Based Materials

Vigilis-Bio Wraps are soil biodegradable, plastic-free, eco-toxicity neutral AND provide a food source for soil microbes. The sustainable alternative to spirals.

Optimal Light Transmission

Transparency facilitates optimal light transmission, enhancing tree and hedge growth.

Hedging For Agroforestry Applications

Agroforestry has increased in recent years which is hugely positive news.

Hedging plays a crucial role in agroforestry systems, providing numerous benefits to farmers, landowners and the environment. By incorporating hedgerows into your agricultural landscape, you can:

– Create windbreaks and shelter for crops and livestock

– Enhance biodiversity and support pollinators

– Prevent soil erosion and improve water management

– Produce additional yields from hedge fruits or wood

– Sequester carbon and mitigate climate change

Vigilis-Bio Wraps are the ideal solution for your hedge planting requirements. Plastic-free, biodegradable, robust and competitively priced. Click here to get a quote.


You don't need to hedge your bets with Vigilis

Vigilis-Bio Wraps are the ideal solution for protecting hedgerows. Get in touch for a quote or to see how we can work together.