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Vigilis-Bio: 100% Soil Biodegradable & Plastic Free Tree Shelters


Vigilis-Bio Biodegradable Tree Shelters

Vigilis-Bio tree shelters offer:

– 5 years of growing protection

– 2 years of true biodegradation (all that remains after this period is biomass, water and minerals that feed soil bacteria and microbes)

Our Vigilis-Bio tree shelters are proven to protect: We have carried out over 5 years of extensive testing, laboratory research and field trials.

A cost-effective alternative to plastic tree guards. When factoring in the additional costs incurred for the removal, recycling and disposal of plastic tree shelters, Vigilis-Bio work out as a more cost-effective solution.

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Biodegradable Materials

Discover a truly innovative biodegradable tree shelter: Made From Potatoes, Wood & Corn

Vigilis-Bio tree shelters are 100% soil-biodegradable and plastic-free.

They are made from a unique blend of potatoes, wood, corn and a custom biodegradable polymer.

No industrial composting is required. No microplastics or toxic residues remain after biodegradation.

Guard the future of our forests with Vigilis-Bio.

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Biodegradable In Situ

Vigilis-Bio is supported by a third-party letter of opinion from the world-leading OWS testing lab.

Commercial material under test to soil biodegradable standard ISO 17556.

Commercially Available

Vigilis-Bio production scale:

– Uses commercially available raw materials.

– Material compounded in the UK.

– Manufacturing operations running 24/7.

– Continuous ongoing development of production capacity.

Bio-Based Materials, Proven To Protect

Made from a blend of Potatoes, Wood, Corn & a Custom Biodegradable Polymer. Three years of extensive laboratory testing shows that the tree shelters will protect young trees for at least 5 years. The shelters will then begin to break down and fragment, providing a food source to soil bacteria and microbes.

Product Features

Flared Rim

Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion.


Twin-walled to maximise strength.

Laser Line

Laser line to allow the tree to break open the tree shelter as it grows.

Light Transmission

Transparency to facilitate light transmission – helps to accelerate growth.

Releasable Cable Ties

Pre-fitted with releasable cable tie(s) for simple installation and beat-ups / maintenance.

Nests of 5

Nests of 5 – for ease of storage and transportation.

Vigilis-Bio: Specification

Vigilis-Bio: Specification



Lifespan UV stabilised to provide a minimum of 5 years of growing protection and up to 2 years of true biodegradation. The exact timeframe depends on site conditions
Height 4 sizes as standard (0.6m, 0.75m, 1.2m, 1.5m)
Diameter 76mm – 110mm
Colour Light brown colour to allow sufficient light transmission – a process called photomorphogenesis
Biodegradation No need to break up the tree shelter or bury it in the ground. Designed to ‘age’ in weather conditions and begin to fragment. Breaks down into flakes which provide a food source for soil microorganisms
After Biodegradation Organisms feed on the tree shelter flakes and all that remains after this process is Biomass, Water & Minerals


Laboratory Testing

In partnership with Biome Bioplastics, we have designed and manufactured Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters with one aim in mind:

To create plastic-free and 100% soil-biodegradable tree shelters that retain the performance and productivity benefits of traditional tree shelters.

We have invested over £350k in product research and development. Over 750 different material blends were laboratory tested and simulated for mechanical properties, weathering and biodegradation.

The resulting plastic-free combination (potatoes, wood & corn) has been chosen to provide the necessary functional performance for a minimum of 5 years of tree protection. We have carried out extensive laboratory tests.

– Accelerated weathering: 2,500 hours mimicking 5 years of weathering

– Testing for resistance to UV and moisture

We are validating the laboratory work in monitored field trials across the UK.

Don’t just take our word for it – we have received third-party accreditation. Vigilis-Bio is supported by a third-party letter of opinion from the world-leading OWS testing lab.

Commercial material under test to soil biodegradable standard ISO 17556 (2 years testing).

From Lab to Forest

From Lab To Forest

The laboratory work is now being validated in over 70 monitored field trial sites around the UK.

– Measurements and observations are taken onsite to monitor the condition of the guard and the health of the tree.

– Lab-based samples are sent for strength, flexibility, and degradation testing.

– Results are regularly compared against our predictive model, and against traditional plastic counterparts.

– A database of information is being collected on the effects of the site on the product.

Vigilis-Bio is working with forestry partners across the country. The map shows our Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters in situ at monitored sites across the UK, encompassing varying conditions.

– Exposed sites with high levels of wind and rain

– Partially-shaded sites

– Sites with high browsing pressure



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