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Tree Stakes

Support Your Trees With Tree Stakes

Tree stakes are ideal for supporting our Vigilis Tree Shelters for tree or shrub planting projects. Our range includes Oak Hardwood, Square Sawn Softwood Tree Stakes and Round Posts.

Bamboo canes are ideal for hedgerow plantations.

Softwood Tree Stakes

Softwood Tree Stakes

All of our softwood tree stakes are square-sawn and tanalised with a pointed spike base for easy installation. Available in a variety of sizes:

750mm x 25mm x 25mm

900mm x 25mm x 25mm | 900mm x 32mm x 32mm

1.2m x 32mm x 32mm | 1.35m x 32mm x 32mm

1.5m x 32mm x 32mm

1.8m x 32mm x 32mm

Hardwood Tree Stakes

Hardwood Tree Stakes

Made from 100% quality oak timber with a pointed end for easy installation. Oak Stakes are more resistant to rot and insect attack compared to softwood stakes.

Heights available:

900mm | 1200mm | 1350mm | 1500mm

Machine Round Posts

Machine Round Posts

Green Treated machine rounding gives a uniform diameter along the post. Chamfered top prevents sharp edges and the pressure treatment extends the life of the timber.

Available Diameters: 40mm | 50mm | 60mm | 75mm | 100mm

Available Heights: 1.2m | 1.5m | 1.65m | 1.8m | 2.1m | 2.4m

Bamboo Canes

Bamboo Canes

Bamboo canes are a great option to help our range of tree wrap or spiral guards for hedge and tree planting projects. Supplied in easy to handle pack sizes or bespoke to your needs.

Available Sizes: 0.9m (0.45m – 3.6m also available)

Diameter of 0.90m Canes: 8-10mm | 10-12mm | 12-14mm | 14-16mm

Large Sized Diameters: 16-18mm up to 28-30mm

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