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Shrub & Spiral Shelters Tree Wraps

Shrub Shelters

Shrub Shelters offer protection against browsing hares, voles, rabbits and harsh weather conditions with larger diameters than tree shelters.

Sizes: 60cm – 75cm

Diameters: 125mm – 160mm×-1080px-768x768.jpg

Spiral Shelters

Spiral tree guards are an economical solution to protect young trees such as standards, seedlings, transplants and single-stem hedge plants from browsing wildlife.

Sizes: 60cm – 75cm

Tree Wraps

Tree Wraps are ideal to use for hedging and open planting. They provide a better plant environment than spirals and expand as the tree grows.

Sizes: 40cm | 60cm | 75cm

Diameter: 40mm

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