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Gloucestershire Standard & Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

The Challenge

The opportunity for a thin stretch of new woodland was commissioned on a local estate in Gloucestershire following the felling through Ash dieback and restocking requirements. Due to the area not being fully cut back, small clusters of tree shelters were required, particularly in areas dense with fallow deer. This site was also chosen to be part of the Vigilis-Bio UK-wide trial.

The Solution

Due to the deer browsing, the 1.5m Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters were assigned. In addition to the height requirements, the 1.5m Vigilis Tree Shelter is equipped with 3 holes and 2 releasable cable ties to enable alternative height options during future beet ups. Amongst the clusters of standard 1.5m shelters, our 1.5m Vigilis-Bio have been utilised. Equipped with the same 3 holes and 2 releasable cable ties, the 1.5m Vigilis-Bio will do everything a standard Vigilis shelter can do, the estate will just not need to collect it.

Gloucestershire: Standard & Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

Project: Small clusters of tree shelters were required for an area dense with fallow deer

Product: 1.5m Standard and 1.5m Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

Location: Gloucestershire

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