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Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Wood, Leicestershire Vigilis Tree Shelters

The Challenge

The Challenge

The first phase of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood was planted in 2012, with a further tranche of planting work taking place in 2019/20. The very wet planting season delayed the start, so there was some concern over getting the trees established quickly and creating a good visual impact as soon as possible. Understandably, The Woodland Trust benefactors like to see the results of their generous donations in terms of woodland creation.

The other concern was the number of smallish planting plots – some plots adjoined waterways and other plots filled in corners or sections of existing farmland. The existing wooded areas and hedges harboured rabbits and muntjac deer, which would have made protecting the plots difficult using traditional fencing methods. Also, with public access and visual impact both important requirements, this ruled out the option of a full-height deer fence which would have been obtrusive and not funded under the appropriate woodland creation grants.

The Solution

The Solution

The Woodland Trust elected to use 1.2m tree shelters on the problem areas detailed above, and I. Hart Woodland & Groundcare chose to buy Vigilis Tree Shelters. Price was one consideration, but the ability to buy their tree shelters direct from the manufacturer – who also supplied good quality stakes – made the ordering and supply process much easier to manage. Vigilis Tree Shelters provide an excellent growing environment that encourages fast establishment and speedy growth. The tree shelters are also longitudinally stronger than most other tree shelters. This makes them perfect for pushing into soil that’s been churned up through the heavy rains.

Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Wood, Leicestershire

Project: To facilitate the growth of new woodland whilst maintaining public access in a high precipitation area

Product: 1.2m tree shelters

Location: Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Wood, Leicestershire

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