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Malvern Case Study Standard & Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

The Challenge

On a purposefully overgrown site, with wildlife in abundance, this site in Malvern was a perfect location for our Vigilis-Bio shelters to be put to the test. Among a range of standard Vigilis tree shelters, tree wraps, and bamboo canes, a few hundred of our 1.2m Vigilis-Bio shelters have been planted.

The Solution

In the late summer of 2022, this site was visited by the Vigilis team. The tree shelters had only been in situ for a few months, therefore it was too soon to take any tangible data. But we tagged and monitored the tree shelters for future reference.

We have 150 1.2m Vigilis Tree Shelters, 2600 Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters, Tree Stakes, Wraps and Bamboo Canes.


Project: A purposefully overgrown site with an abundance of wildlife

Product: 1.2m Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters & 1.2m Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

Location: Malvern, Worcestershire

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