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Newport, Wales Vigilis & Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

The Challenge

Managed by one of the UK’s leading Forestry Management companies, this restocking site had been excavated on an undulating hillside, with a picturesque stream running through the middle.

The felled trees were utilised for the timber industry with the site restocked for future timber. In amongst the Vigilis Standard 1.5m Tree Shelters, a number of the Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters had been installed as part of the UK wide Vigilis-Bio trial. Putting our Vigilis-Bio tree shelters to the test, from Lab to Forest.

As part of our trial visits, we examine a wide range of characteristics including:

– Wind, UV, light exposure

– Terrain type

– Soil moisture

– Leaf litter

1.5m shelters have been utilised to provide sapling protection from the ever present deer population, whilst providing a micro-climate for the trees.

At time of visiting these trees had been planted for roughly nine months. We look forward to visiting in the future as part of our ongoing site visits.


Vigilis Tree Shelter products provided to the site:

1.5m Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters
1.5m Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters


Location: Newport, Wales


Project: A restocking site that had been excavated on a hillside.

Product: 1.5m Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters & 1.5m Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters.

Location: Newport, Wales.

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