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Stonehouse Standard & Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

The Challenge

A site that provides a fabulous view of the surrounding lowlands, was certainly difficult to find for the Vigilis team! A hillside restocking site for future timber, but not a challenge for the management consultants managing the site. With no fallow deer, but numerous other browsing animals, the 1.2m Vigilis Tree Shelters were selected for the job.

The Solution

Over 3000 x 1.2m Standard Vigilis Tree Shelters were planted, alongside a cluster of 100 x 1.2m Vigilis-Bio Shelters to be part of Vigilis-Bio UK-wide trial. The tree shelters are nested in fives which made transporting them to the off-road site much smoother.


Project: A hillside restocking site with browsing animals (but no deer)

Product: +3000 x 1.2m Standard Vigilis & 100 x 1.2m Vigilis-Bio

Location: Stonehouse

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