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Nicholson Nurseries Oxfordshire

The Challenge

The Challenge

During the 2020/2021 season, a local landowner in Oxfordshire had one goal in mind, a beautiful new woodland creation with a mix of broadleaf trees and shrubs. With the extensive knowledge of the Nicholson Nurseries team, a new woodland was designed and installed with ongoing maintenance. The new woodland will create an increased coverage for local wildlife whilst also creating a sound barrier from an adjacent road.

The Solution

The Solution

Due to the exposed nature of the site along with the intense browsing of rabbits, voles, muntjac, and roe deer, a 1.2m tree shelter was elected to be used, along with a number of meshed shelters for more mature trees and shrubs. The 1.2m shelters encourage fast and established growth of newly planted trees to outgrow the site’s wildlife, whilst protecting against seasonal herbicide sprays. The shelters were installed with a strong timber stake.

As well as the traditional, Polypropylene Vigilis Standard Tree Shelter, a number of our Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters were installed. This was one of the first sites for our innovative, 100% soil biodegradable Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelter.

This is one of over 70 sites in the UK where our Vigilis-Bio shelters are in situ, with measurements and observations taken onsite to monitor the condition of the shelters and the health of the trees. The monitoring of shelters is then compared to our comprehensive laboratory testing.

It can be seen that after 18 months the site is looking very healthy, with the Vigilis-Bio structural properties on par with expectations.

Nicholson Nurseries, Oxfordshire

Project: Woodland creation on private land

Client: Nicholson Nurseries

Product: 1.2m Vigilis-Bio tree shelters

Location: Oxfordshire

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