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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

The Project

On behalf of a local trust fund, 300 x 1.2m Vigilis Bio Tree Shelters were planted in early 2022 on an exposed hillside. This site is part of the Vigilis-Bio UK-wide trial. On a warm, late summer day in 2022, these shelters were visited by the Vigilis team to carry out numerous examinations on the tree shelters and all those that we inspected were marked with our Vigilis-Bio tags.

Final testing was completed in the laboratory, with the structural strength of the shelters examined vs the predicted model trendline of our lab-accelerated weather-tested samples. Mean results conclude to follow the trendline as modeled. Very promising for the Vigilis-Bio.

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters

Project: Biodegradable Tree Shelters were required for an exposed hillside location. These shelters are part of the Vigilis-Bio UK-wide trial

300 x 1.2m Vigilis Bio Tree Shelters
300 x 1.3m Hardwood Stakes

Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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