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Vigilis Tree Shelters Portugal Production & Innovation Centre

Innovators In Tree Shelter Production

Innovators In Tree Shelter Production

The Vigilis Tree Shelters Production and Innovation Centre is based in Portugal, near Porto. We make all of our tree shelters to order using our specialised production line which runs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The Vigilis team are constantly innovating and upgrading equipment to ensure we produce the highest quality tree guards. We are able to take large commercial orders and currently have a portfolio of international clients.

Our Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters are increasing in popularity and we are seeing a large influx of orders. We are able to produce our biodegradable tree shelter range at scale and we use commercially available raw materials that are compounded in the UK. We are continually investing in the development of our production capacity whilst streamlining manufacturing operations.

Research & Development

Research & Development

The Vigilis Tree Shelters team are committed to research and development. We have pioneered the Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelter: made from potatoes, wood and corn. We tested over 750 different material blends and simulated for mechanical properties, weathering and biodegradation – a three year process to ensure we have developed the most robust, yet sustainable tree shelter. Our materials have been independently tested to soil biodegradable standard ISO 17556.

Manufacturing & Production



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