Vigilis-Bio Tree Shelters | 100% Soil Biodegradable

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Vigilis-Bio tree shelters are 100% soil-biodegradable and plastic-free tree shelters.

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Vigilis-Bio: The Sustainable Choice for Tree Protection

Embrace the future of forestry with Vigilis-Bio, the groundbreaking line of 100% soil biodegradable tree shelters. Unlike traditional plastic options, Vigilis-Bio offers complete peace of mind:

– Eco-friendly: Made from a unique blend of potatoes, wood, corn, and a custom biodegradable polymer, these shelters leave no microplastics or toxic residues after breaking down.

– Soil Biodegradable: No industrial composting required. Vigilis-Bio is designed to biodegrade in normal outdoor weather conditions.

– Long-lasting protection: Enjoy 5 years of effective protection for your saplings while contributing to a healthier planet.

– Sustainable performance: Vigilis-Bio shelters offer the same level of protection as traditional options, ensuring optimal growth for your trees.

Join the growing movement towards eco-conscious forestry. Choose Vigilis-Bio and give your trees a healthy start, the planet a helping hand, and yourself a sense of pride in making a sustainable choice.

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