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Vigilis Donates Tree Shelters To Local Primary School

The Vigilis Tree Shelters team have donated some Vigilis Tree Shelters, tree stakes and cable ties to a local primary school in Essex. Sophie, Ben and Kelly went along for a morning of tree planting with the children and teachers. We talked them through the steps to successfully plant a tree:

Step 1: Dig a hole, add the soil and pat it down firmly to secure the tree.

Step 2: Support the tree with a tree stake. Hammer the tree stake into the ground, adjacent to the sapling tree.

Step 3: Position the tree shelter correctly over the tree, ensuring the flared rim is at the top.

Step 4: Secure the tree shelter to the tree stake using cable ties.

We also created an educational leaflet about biodegradable tree shelters to explain the importance of using tree shelters, how biodegradable tree shelters work and why they are a more sustainable alternative to plastic tree shelters.

The rain held off for the tree planting session and the children enjoyed planting – and naming – their trees!